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Slot machine games frequently feature scatter symbols, which can show up anywhere on the reels and award an individual with a winning combo. When enough scatter symbols appear on the reels, the gambler receives a return on their original wager. Additionally, scatter symbols, particularly in slot games, can start bonus rounds and give additional multiplier advantages. Although scatter symbols aren’t included in every slot game, they’re typically a standard element of online slots.

How they work

Two things set the symbols apart from others in casino games on reputable sites like SOJU888. To start with, a win is still possible even if they don’t show on the win line. Instead of this, to win, the scatter symbols often appear randomly on any of the reels. Second, wild symbols can’t ever be used in place of scatters. Study the pay table before starting because the rules controlling scatters vary between games. You’ll be able to determine your goals in this way. When three or more scatter symbols strike on the reels, frequently, winnings are multiplied. 

Not just the line win, but all winnings collectively, are multiplied by the scatters. The bonus game may also often be started using a scatter icon. Mostly, you’ll activate a feature of that slot machine if you acquire three scatter symbols on the payline. The features range from bonus games and multipliers to free spins.

What’s their impact on a game?

Scatters are among the most significant symbols in any particular slot game you’re playing since there are rewards for landing any number of them. Your balance will be boosted, and you could have enough money for one or two more spins if you hit one or two along the way. The bonus round, where you get more opportunities to score a huge payout, win more free spins, and leave with a wallet stuffed with slot machine money, is usually activated by landing three scatter symbols. Scatters often have a larger probability of landing than getting three bonus symbols properly lined up, altering the course of your slot session more frequently because they may appear anywhere and still activate the bonus feature.

Tips for playing slots with scatter symbols

  • Choose video slots with scatter symbols that not only give cash rewards but also activate extra features while seeking slots to play. 
  • With scatter games, you have precisely the same probability of activating the bonus feature or features as a player who plays numerous pay lines, even if you spin one pay line.
  • Several slots include bonus rounds that scatter symbols can start. Play as many of them as you can to keep things interesting and diverse.
  • Use paytables to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and regulations, in addition to how the scatter symbols reward, before you begin playing.

Although being a fairly common feature on the vast majority of 5-reel slots on platforms such as SOJU888, scatter symbols, and their associated bonuses are less common on three-reel slots. Meanwhile, they are present in 7-reel games, progressive jackpot slots, bonus game slots, & almost every other kind of slot machine available.