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Hello dear writers. We hope you all are doing well! We have great news for all the content writers who are looking for a genuine guest posting platform where they can share their best write-ups with the reader’s community.

We are bringing the opportunity for all content writers, whether fresher or experienced ones, to expand their reach by writing for us.

Lave24bet.com is a growing general niche blog posting platform where you will always find the need for quality write-ups. 

To write for us, read this page carefully, understand all the guidelines, and pitch us with your content idea. We will get back to you.

Who are we, and what type of content do we publish?

Lavebet24.com is a general niche blogging platform where we publish articles in numerous categories. We cover almost all content categories and provide the latest news and articles on trending topics.

Here you will get unique and quality content that follows search engine guidelines and is suitable to rank on. 

We are keen to publish content that provides useful information and improves people’s lives.

You shall avoid writing unnecessary stuff that doesn’t enhance the content’s value. It decreases the article’s readership by interrupting its flow.

List of our content categories:

As we mentioned above, we are a general niche blogging platform, and we are targeting readers worldwide. To accomplish our target, we need content in multiple categories that can attract readers globally.

Since you are a content writer, you must be aware of pros and cons of operating as a general niche platform.

Post-Pandemic, demand for online content is at its elevation; people are searching and reading every type of content on the internet, making an ideal environment for general niche blogging platforms.

Our team appreciates quality content, irrespective of its niche. However, it shall not contain any illegal or adult content. Otherwise, your content will face direct rejection.

Here is the list of our main content categories in which we publish articles frequently:

·         News

·         Fashion

·         Finance

·         Business

·         Healthcare

·         Entertainment

·         Technology

·         Sports

·         Online games

·         Reviews

·         Travel

·         Tips and tricks

If you don’t find your content category above, there is no need to worry. We also cover other categories not mentioned here; you can always mail us your ideas.

General guidelines:

Here are general guidelines which every content writer needs to follow to publish their article in our portal:

Write Grammatically correct content:

To become a writer, sound knowledge of languages is necessary, especially in which you are writing. Here we are talking about English. You have to be proficient in it. 

While writing content for us, you need to take care of all types of grammatical errors, whether small or obvious.

You can also use artificial tools and inbuilt language checkers of Ms-word and Google Docs. These errors affect the readership of content negatively, and it also hampers the website’s reputation.

Clean and error-free content enhances readers’ trust and makes them regular readers. One can use simple words instead of complex ones for ease.

Follow search engine guidelines:

Your content shall be ideal as per search engine guidelines. Following them is a must. Readers will read the content only if it appears on search results; otherwise, there is no meaning of writing thousands of words if no one is going to read them.

Every search engine has its guidelines. Most of them are the same, while some contradict each other. 

As a guest post writer, you are supposed to follow all content-related and some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related guidelines only.

In addition, search engines also update their guidelines from time to time. You have to devote specific attention to those updated guidelines.

Inclusion of feature image is a must:

Images make your content attractive and enhance its readership. Often, readers feel bored while reading complex text due to less understanding, whereas images make it easy to understand.

As per our guidelines, content writers must add at least one feature image in their guest posts. You can also add one image for each sub-topic covered in your post. It will help readers to understand it better.

All images shall be copyright free and related to your content. Avoid adding unnecessary

images that don’t enhance the readership experience.

Send only unique content:

There are numerous guest posting platforms available on the internet. They all have specific guidelines. Some have strict guidelines, while others use a liberal approach. 

However, you will find one thing common in all guest posting platform’s guidelines is that they all are seeking unique and original content.

To provide original content, you must have good research skills and excellent language knowledge to form content as per research in your own words and styles.

These two skills will give you an edge in generating unique content. After writing content, always check it with effective plagiarism tools before sending it for publishing.

Link insertion and word limits:

Most of the writers do guest writing to promote their own blogs/websites. For them, we allow adding a maximum of 2 external links in a single guest post. You can hyperlink with your text or include them in the writer’s bio.

However, if necessary, we will also do internal linking and add our do-follow links.

Regarding word limits, we usually don’t publish blog posts below 1000 words, which can go up to 3000 words.

We can adjust these word limits for quality content; you shouldn’t compromise your post’s quality to follow word limits and ensure you aren’t adding unnecessary stuff to increase words.

How to send guest posts for publishing?

The process of sending guest posts for publishing is quite simple. You need to send us an email attaching your blog post on the email id given below. Ensure that you have followed all the guidelines mentioned on this page. You may be rejected if you do not follow these instructions.

Also, if there is any confusion related to guidelines, feel free to ask us, and our team will help you.

Email id: info@lave24bet.com